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Magnesium Fire Starter Rod Kit

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  • Magnesium
  • ✅ -Backed by the leader in All Hazard Emergency Products, Emergency Case. Operated by a team of former military, law enforcement and first response personnel, our company’s aim is to provide disaster relief and increase preparedness.
  • ✅ -Extras: The groves on the striker easily creates tinder shavings from twigs, limbs or tree bark. The mirrored striker can be used as a signaling device in to safety personnel. The Hunter Orange lanyard makes this lifesaver easier to see in low light situations.
  • ✅ -Effective: Ignites fire during any weather conditions with the intense heat of 5500 Degrees Fahrenheit that Mg provides. Whether it’s the rain, snow and sleet in the mountains, the cold desert nights or traveling through a national park or forest the Emergency Case Fire Starter will help keep you warm!
  • ✅ -Easy: Simply scratch off shavings from the Magnesium bar with the grooved steel striker into a small kindling pile and then strike the rod in a chopping motion to spark and light the shavings.
  • ✅ -Lifetime of Uses: Whether you are heading to Glacier National Park, the Badlands, the Grand Canyon or just a nearby State Park you can easily carry this lightweight and simple ignitor and know you are safe!
* Invest in Quality. Give a great gift for the ones you love that could actually save their life.

* 100% RISK FREE money back guarantee.