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Tornado Season Has Already Started: What To Do During A Tornado

Tornado season started over the weekend, touching ground in multiple states.

Tennessee’s Robertson County witnessed multiple snapped and uprooted trees from an EF-1 tornado (winds between 86-110 miles per hour). The EF-1 later strengthened to an EF-2 (winds between 111-135 miles per hour) after crossing the state line into Kentucky causing damage and completely destroying one home in Logan County where at least one person died.

These 2 tornadoes were part of the severe thunderstorms and flooding that reached across the central United States, taking the lives of 5 individuals and injuring others.

What to do during a tornado attack:

  • If you’re outside or in your car outside, try to get inside a building. If you cannot, lie in a ditch. Do not try to hide under an overpass or bridge.
  • Inside a building, try to get to the lowest floor, underground if possible. Stay in the center of the room away from windows and corners, and try to get underneath sturdy furniture like a desk.
  • Protect your head and neck with your arms. Hold on to a desk if possible.

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