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Super Bowl and Super Drunk: How Much Is Consumed On Sunday?

Sunday, February 4th, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will go head to head in Minneapolis for the games of all games, the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl creates friendships and rivals, as well as salsa stained clothes, crushed chip carpeting, and beer soaked sofas. Whether you’re watching the game from home, a bar, even the stadium, you gotta have FOOD.

The Sunday spectacle is the second-largest food consumption event after Thanksgiving, bringing in consumption numbers such as...

  • 4 million pizzas
  • 1.23 billion wings
  • 29 million pounds of chips
  • 120 million pounds of avocados
  • 2.5 million pounds of nuts
  • 325.5 million gallons of beer

Now that’s enough to make 1.8 million jars of peanut butter and enough pizzas to be as tall as 910 Leaning Towers of Pisa! That’s an impressive stack of numbers. What’s not impressive? The increase of drunk driving incidents.

325.5 million gallons of beer is enough beer for every single American to drink just over a gallon -- that’s a gallon per person! This number of mass consumption contributes to the 77% increase in alcohol-related car crashes in California, specifically on Super Bowl Sunday.

While watching Brady possibly win his 6th championship ring or the Eagles win their first Super Bowl championship, as your team runs touchdowns and kicks perfect field goals, no matter which team wins, you can be the bigger winner and drink responsibly!

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