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Southern California Storm Updates: Rivers of Mud and Flooding

Photo from Los Angeles County Twitter @CountyofLA

6 homes in Montecito have been wiped away and 5 lives have been claimed so far. Thousands of people are under mandatory evacuation orders in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles County due to risk of mudslides and flash floods.

Last year's wildfire season was the most destructive season ever in California. This includes the Thomas Fire in Ventura County last month, which became the largest wildfire in California history (STILL BURNING since it started). The season burned hundreds of thousands of acres on hillsides, leaving burn scar areas which are more prone to mudslides and debris flow.

"If you think of mud, trees, rocks, huge boulders coming down; there's nothing to stop it because it's completely burned," Gina DePinto, county spokesperson, stated.

Rainy season is just starting this new year. Be alert and updated. Make sure you and your loved ones are safe while you still can.

Here are landslide and mudslide safety tips and don’t forget to get the best Emergency Case on the market today.

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