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How Cold Can It Get and Tips To NOT Let It Stop You

Photo from Statista

Winter varies from region to region. Americans along the western and southwest coast wish they could fall into a mound of snow and build snowmen in their front yard -- it’d be nice to be able to drink cocoa without sweating! Unfortunately in most regions, people have to bundle up even when walking to their car.

Brutally cold winters are no stranger to the North and New England regions, but after weeks and weeks of dangerous snowstorms, it can be hard to hear that there’s still 45 days left of winter.

An Arctic cold front is expected in February and Minnesota is likely to be below freezing as it hosts Super Bowl LII... Stay chipper, continue reading, and beat the winter blues with the tips below:

  1. Fresh Air
    Getting some fresh air is good for your mental and physical health, helping improve focus, reduce symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and lower stress levels. Run errands, exercise, or see a friend.
  2. Exercise
    Kicking, jumping or walking, moving your body can improve symptoms of mild to moderate depression. Studies suggest fast walking for 35 minutes a day five times a week or 60 minutes a day three times a week.
  3. Make It Brighter
    A lack of exposure to sunlight has the effect of making a person depressed, irritable, lethargic, and difficult to wake up in the morning. Simply sitting closer to windows can help, but wake up more by opening blinds and curtains, trimming tree branches, or purchasing and artificial light.
  4. Smart Eating
    Food does more than settle your hunger, it can affect your mood as well. Carbohydrates can increase feelings of anxiety and depression, instead treat yourself to a bar of chocolate. Chocolate can alleviate anxiety and a bad mood.
  5. Make Your Soul Happy
    Listening to cheery music or going on vacation can significantly increase your overall happiness. Want to be more than just happy? Volunteering in your community improves mental health and life satisfaction.
  6. Peace-Of-Mind
    Don’t wake up to an unexpected emergency in a panic. Feel the confidence that with the Premier Family Emergency Kit, you and your loved ones were prepared before disaster strikes.  

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