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Bay Area Earthquake Early This Morning: Is A Bigger Shock Coming?

Photo from NBC Bay Area, NBC Universal Media

A 4.5 magnitude earthquake on the Hayward Fault rocked the Bay Area early this morning. The earthquake was felt in Marin County, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Sonoma County.

Rough and abrupt shaking could be felt near the San Francisco International Airport. System wide checks were made by Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to ensure no damage occurred before allowing passengers to board.

The Hayward Fault is in the middle of the Bay Area, directly on top of the utility systems and massive infrastructure along with the millions of people that live right there. The Hayward Fault will be one of the nation’s most devastating faults once it ruptures and releases an all powerful earthquake.

Aftershocks follow after a large earthquake and take place over weeks or even years. The South Bay already has been rattled by a quake after the magnitude 4.5 earthquake in the Bay Area.

Should the Bay Area’s earthquake be a foreshock, then there will be a much larger earthquake, also known as mainshock, coming. After a huge mainshock hits, there are aftershocks that occur just as large and much more numerous.

THE MAINSHOCK IS HITTING CALIFORNIA. It’s a matter of when. Don’t wait for it.

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